The numbers speak volumes

According to a 2016 independent study by RAND Europe, a lack of sleep among the US workforce is costing approximately $411 billion and losing 1.2 million working days per year.

When your employees lose sleep, you lose productivity

How much is your employees’ sleeplessness costing you in the long run? Symptoms of Insomnia include difficulty paying attention or focusing and increased accidents. A small, one-time investment in our treatment can help your employees be more productive and safer on the job.

Sleeping Pills

According to, roughly 9 million Americans, or 4% of US adults, use prescription sleep aids or medications to help with sleep disorders. The FDA has issued warnings pertaining to three widely used sedative-hypnotic sleep aids, connecting them to 20 reported deaths and 46 non-fatal injuries. This can be a huge liability for employers who have employees who are hooked on sleeping pills.

Empower Employees

Our CBT-I-based approach redirects thought processes to help your employees get the sleep they need to perform their best on the job. Better yet, you could experience a decrease in healthcare expenses due to a decrease in the use of expensive sleeping pills by employees. Give your employees the cognitive tools they need for quality sleep. Your employees are an investment in your organization; having them perform their tasks in a well-rested state is a win-win for everyone.

Our friendly and helpful staff are available to provide more information on our CogniSleep Business Subscriptions, and will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.